Bethlehem, PA

I took a day trip to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with my husband and pup. Most of our time was spent walking the Hoover-Mason Trestle along the abandoned Bethlehem Steel factory and reading the numbered plaques about its history. There is no doubt that Number 20: The Last Pour had the most profound effect on me. What an emotional day it must have been for those workers.

After exploring, we met my sister and her husband for lunch. Ironically, they were enjoying their own mini vacation an hour outside of Bethlehem. Originally, I wanted to try a place called Bolete, but it didn’t open until 4 P.M. The tavern menu looks amazing: Maine lobster roll and signature cocktails such as Not Your Grandmother’s Greyhound and Lehigh Valley Lemonade. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait for that. Instead, I found Aqui Es Restaurante, a highly-rated Mexican dive where we had basic, but fresh guacamole and tasty tacos. Who doesn’t like tacos?

carnitas, steak, and pastor tacos

After finishing lunch, Chris, Bryce and I decided to spend a little time walking the main street of Bethlehem.

My travel buddies

I hear that Christmas is a great time to visit Bethlehem, but I prefer to visit when the weather is just a tad warmer. Next time I will definitely explore the surrounding area of this quaint college town. Have you ever been to Bethlehem or fortunate enough to experience Bolete? How about Allentown, Easton, or Nazareth? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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